Explore history and natural beauty in the “Gateway to the North”.

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Adventure awaits for you and your team when you plan a retreat to Edmonton, Alberta, North America’s largest, most northern metropolis. 

Known for its innovative culinary scene, diverse wildlife and green spaces and home to over 50 festivals annually, you’ll find no shortage of things to do as you and your team come together to bond and build skills.

Try your hand at indoor rock climbing or enjoy the Edmonton sunshine on a group bike tour - whatever you choose you’re sure to have a blast exploring the city. If you’re planning a retreat to Edmonton sometime soon, keep reading for our complete list of team building recommendations!

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Take to the sky at an aerial park

  • Explore new heights while working together to navigate obstacles with a team building experience at an Aerial Park.
  • You and your team members will be harnessed in while you challenge yourself to navigate various courses from tunnels and rope bridges to rock climbing walls and swinging tires.
  • This is a great activity if you’re looking to get active and enjoy the beauty of Edmonton’s natural scenery, just be sure that everyone comes wearing clothes they can exercise in!
  • Be aware that many of these facilities only operate during the summer months, make sure to verify they are open before planning for this experience! 
  • This is a fairly budget friendly activity and works well for both large and small groups. 

Race the clock in an escape room 

  • Escape rooms are the ultimate team building activity for groups looking to build on problem solving skills while working together to solve puzzles, find clues and beat the clock.
  • Staff will walk you through everything you need to know before starting and are available to answer any questions you may have throughout your experience. They’ll even walk you through the solution if you run out of time!
  • There are a range of rooms available with different levels of difficulty. If you have a larger team be sure to inquire about capacity limits and book multiple rooms to ensure your whole group can be accommodated. 
  • Before you leave be sure to snap a few photos with your team to document your escape (or defeat)!
  • This is a fairly low-cost experience so works well for teams of all sizes and budgets. 

Feed your appetite with a cooking class

  • Hone your culinary skills while bonding with team members through a group cooking class. 
  • You can choose from a wide selection of both cooking and baking classes allowing you to embrace diverse techniques while exploring new cuisines.
  • Instructors will be available to walk you through all the instructions from prepping ingredients to putting the finishing touches on your dishes. 
  • Once you’re done cooking, sit back for a relaxed meal with your colleagues as you get to know one another and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 
  • Class sizes are limited and the price for this experience can be quite high so keep this in mind if you’re a larger group. If it fits within your budget however, it’s a great alternative to traditional team dinners!

Get an adrenaline-rush at a haunted house

  • If you’re looking to get the adrenaline-pumping with your team members, then consider testing your bravery with a visit to one of Edmonton’s professional haunted houses. 
  • You’ll discover high-quality decorations, incredible costumes and awesome acting that makes for a hyper realistic experience as you navigate this spooky setting.
  • There are tons of photo opportunities that can make for some hilarious memories to remember your retreat by.
  • Be aware that during peak seasons there may be a line in order to get in but you may be able to inquire about speed pass options if you want to bypass and keep on schedule.
  • In terms of budget, this is a fairly budget-friendly experience and offers a unique team experience for groups both big and small. 

Explore new worlds with a virtual reality experience

  • Virtual reality experiences offer a fun and innovative way to work on communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills with your coworkers.
  • Wireless backpacks allow complete freedom of movement as you move around and work together to navigate through your mission.
  • Choose from more than a dozen different activities to suit the tastes and skill levels of your team. You can fight hordes of zombies, explore the world in Google Earth, or even work up a sweat with virtual boxing!
  • Onsite staff will be available throughout your experience to provide instruction, offer helpful suggestions and tips and answer any questions you and your team may have.
  • This is a great option for teams both large and small - simply book out additional rooms as needed to accommodate the size of your team. 

Take aim with combat archery 

  • Combat Archery is the perfect team building activity for teams looking to work on communication and strategy while engaging in a little friendly competition.
  • This is the perfect afternoon activity to re-energize team members as you race to collect arrows, hide behind obstacles and eliminate opposing players. 
  • The arrows are made with soft, foam cushioning allowing for a safe and fun experience.
  • Each game lasts approximately 30 minutes and you can add additional games as needed, making it a flexible activity to work within various time constraints. 
  • Be sure to come wearing comfortable, athletic attire and shoes designed for walking and running, you’re sure to be breaking a sweat!

Explore Edmonton on a 12-passenger bike

  • Explore Edmonton’s top taprooms and craft breweries as you navigate through the city on a 12-passenger, U-shaped bike.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to pedal your way through some of Edmonton’s best spots at a leisurely 10 km per hour taking in the scenic streets, local landscapes and vibrant city culture.  
  • Your bike will be equipped with a local guide who will highlight some of the city's rich history while providing recommendations on must-see spots and answering any questions you or your team may have.
  • Many bikes even let you drink while you pedal, just note that often these drinks must be purchased ahead of time. If this is something your team would like, be sure to inquire when booking! 
  • This activity works best for teams of 8-14 as the bikes have a capacity limit and you’ll need a minimum of eight participants in order to run the bike. 

Make a plan of attack with airsoft tactical training

  • If you’re looking for a unique, adrenaline-packed and strategy-driven team building activity for your Edmonton retreat, consider booking a tactical training experience for you and your team.
  • You and your team will be equipped with airsoft rifles as you navigate the course, strategizing and dodging other players. Play as a free-for-all to see who comes out on top or divide into teams and work together to strategize and defeat your opponents. 
  • The courses are quite versatile, offering a 360-degree multi-level environment to explore, and onsite staff are available to provide instruction and answer any questions, ensuring a safe and fun experience for all. 
  • Eye protection is mandatory and additional head protection such as balaclavas, mouth guards, gloves and face masks are recommended to enhance safety and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Keep in mind that this may not be an experience for every team member as it can be quite high intensity and often involves poor lighting, smoke, and loud noises.

Aim for the bullseye at ax throwing

  • Ax throwing isn’t just for lumberjacks anymore…it’s for everyone! Competitive and fun, this activity is perfect for groups of all sizes looking to unwind and try their hand at a new skill.
  • Onsite staff will greet you upon arrival to provide instruction on technique and safety precautions ensuring an enjoyable and accessible experience for all participants.
  • At some facilities you can even experiment with throwing other weapons like spears and knives and some locations in Edmonton will even bring mobile cages directly to you at whatever location you’re hosting your retreat. 
  • Break off into teams to see who can hit the bullseye most often or host a round robin tournament to see which coworker comes out as champion. 
  • Closed toed shoes are a must for this activity so make sure everyone on your team comes prepared!

Reach new heights with indoor rock climbing

  • If you’re looking for a team building experience that combines strategic thinking, communication and trust, look no further than an indoor rock climbing experience.
  • Informed staff will be ready on site to make sure you are equipped with everything you need for a safe and fun experience.
  • This is a great activity for both small and medium-sized teams, but be aware that some facilities do have capacity limits. Make sure to inquire ahead of time and pre-book your activity!
  • You’ll discover a wide range of courses designed to offer challenges ideal for both beginners and advanced climbers alike.
  • Make sure to come dressed in comfortable, athletic attire as this activity can be quite the workout! 

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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