A contemporary metropolitan city, home to the iconic Gateway Arch.

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St. Louis is a populous metropolitan area positioned on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Visitors flock to the city to explore the numerous trails, parks and waterways, and to indulge in the delicious local cuisine.

A team-building retreat in St. Louis promises hospitable locals and a diverse offering of activities and cultural attractions. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a relaxing riverboat cruise or get the heart pumping at a high-rise climbing gym, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in St. Louis.

To help you find more ideas for your team-building retreat in St. Louis, we’ve put together this useful list of local team-building activities.

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Explore the Mississippi River on a relaxing riverboat

  • Discover the rich history and impressive skyline that surrounds the Mississippi River.
  • Private charters can be booked on one of the two 3-story replica paddlewheel boats.
  • All food items are supplied and prepared by the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch.
  • Available to groups of up to 220 guests.
  • No liquor, beer, soda, or ice purchased elsewhere may be brought on board.
  • Riverboat tours can be accompanied by your choice of musicians. 

Sample the city flavours with a guided food tour

  • Discover the delicious flavours located throughout the city.
  • Learn the story and origin of numerous local ingredients.
  • The perfect way to explore the city while getting to know your colleagues.
  • Available to groups of up to 120 guests.
  • Custom events can be designed with durations of 2-3+ hours.
  • The local guides are extremely hospitable and knowledgeable.

Uncover hidden clues at the escape room

  • Invigorate your team with a series of puzzles and challenges.
  • Teams must use their combined skills to uncover hidden clues and escape the rooms.
  • Choose from a variety of themed rooms with unique storylines and challenges.
  • This real-life escape room is the perfect way to learn new soft skills while bonding with your coworkers.
  • The large escape room venue provides events for groups of up to 200 people.
  • The experienced gamemasters extract the full potential of the players.

Challenge yourself at the adventure park

  • The adventure park is the perfect location to inspire teamwork and communication.
  • Your team will climb, swing and crawl through a four-story nest of challenging obstacles.
  • The adult jungle gym is complete with 110 unique elements including a sky-bound walk and fully-fledged daredevil stunts.
  • The full course lasts approximately two and a half hours.
  • All climbing equipment is assessed and signed off to meet safety standards.
  • The course’s freeform design enables climbing to pick and choose their route as they please.

Experience the unique game of Demo Ball

  • Demo Ball is an interactive team game for up to 10 players that combines elements of Lacrosse, Hockey and Bumper Cars.
  • Players ride in custom-made bumper cars as they attempt to score points against the other team.
  • Players attempt to out-manoeuvre their opponents and pass the puck from player to player.
  • Experience an entirely new sport with your team.
  • Up to 60 people can play per hour.

Get inspired with a guided cooking class

  • Design a tailor-made cooking class for you and your team. 
  • Learn essential cooking skills with guidance from professional chefs.
  • Explore a variety of cuisines from gourmet to ethnic cooking.
  • Harmoniously create a three or four-course dinner before sitting down to enjoy it with your colleagues.
  • The chefs are very experienced and make everybody feel comfortable.
  • The facility provides all the necessary cooking equipment.

Take part in an art workshop—with a twist!

  • Choose which masterpiece to paint from a huge selection of over 20,000 paintings.
  • Hang out with your colleagues, paint and enjoy a glass of wine. 
  • Participants are provided with all the necessary art materials.
  • The facility can host up to 100 people, separated between two art rooms.
  • Purchase drinks and snacks from the fully-stocked on-site bar.
  • No outside alcohol or beverages of any kind are permitted in the studio.

Learn the ancient art of axe throwing

  • Axe throwing offers a unique corporate team-building experience.
  • The spacious facility can accommodate groups ranging between 65 and 100 people.
  • During this two-hour axe-throwing experience, you’ll learn exclusive techniques from experienced instructors.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic or soft drinks.
  • Sessions are preceded by a 15-minute safety briefing from one of the instructors.
  • The facilitators recommend between six and 12 people per lane.

Reach dizzying speeds at the indoor raceway

  • Race against your colleagues in high-speed go-karts across a quarter-mile track.
  • The state-of-the-art electric karts reach speeds of up to 45mph. 
  • Go-karting provides a unique experience and creates lasting memories.
  • The bead-blasted track creates a smooth driving experience.
  • All new drivers must attend the mandatory briefing session.
  • The staff are incredibly helpful and attentive. 

Push your limits at the climbing gym

  • A team-building experience designed to push your employees to the next level. 
  • To conquer the climbing routes, climbers must employ a combination of mental and physical endurance.
  • During this two-hour programme, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques of climbing with professional instructors.
  • Auto-belay systems enable confident climbers to ascend the walls alone.
  • The main claiming area reaches heights of up to 40 feet.
  • All necessary climbing gear is provided.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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