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Dallas, the third-largest city in Texas, is a region of prairies, tree-lined creeks and gentle hills. The climate is dominated by long hot summers with short, wintery spells providing the only respite.

Since the construction of the first cabin by John Neely Bryan in 1841, Dallas has steadily evolved into a thriving metropolis, now home to an ethnically-diverse community of European, African and Hispanic residents. The city is the leading banking, financial, and trade centre for the Southwest with the concentration of highrise buildings—home to some 6,000 corporate headquarters—forming a dramatic skyline.

As a buzzing corporate hub, Dallas is the perfect location to host an action-packed team-building retreat. With so many experiences on offer such as axe throwing, glassblowing and segway tours, your team are guaranteed to form stronger relationships, create great memories and learn new skills in this buzzing city.

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Explore Dallas while solving puzzles on a scavenger hunt

  • Discover the individual skills of your team as they attempt to solve a series of riddles and challenges.
  • Explore the city while stopping at iconic landmarks and discovering hidden corners.
  • Choose from a variety of puzzle parties and trivia nights that test teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • The hosts do a great job of personalising your experience and ensuring everybody remains engaged.
  • The variety of games and puzzles allows everybody to exhibit their valuable skills.

Uncover clues and solve difficult challenges to escape the room

  • Teams must rely on their quick-wits and problem-solving skills to successfully escape the room.
  • With just 60 minutes to solve the challenge, few have escaped in time.
  • The perfect activity for improving employee chemistry and teamwork skills.
  • Choose from four escape rooms with unique clues and storylines.
  • The friendly and professional staff ensure everybody enjoys the experience.

Explore the city in comfort and style with a guided Segway tour

  • The most fun and comfortable way to enjoy the city.
  • All participants receive individual and group Segway training.
  • The tour operator provides everything you need for the tour including helmets.
  • Visit famous sites such as Thanksgiving Square, the world-famous Dealey Plaza, the 6th Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald fired at JFK, newly built Victory Park and much more.
  • The experienced tour guides keep the experience informative, entertaining and engaging.

Learn the ancient skill of glassblowing

  • Learn the basics of glassblowing with tuition from experienced instructors. 
  • Create a unique piece of art that can be displayed in the office. 
  • Enjoy a walk around the studio and admire the beautiful works.
  • Watch an impressive demonstration and ask questions.
  • Your team are provided with protective eyewear and are supervised at all times.

Dive into a live-action murder-mystery adventure

  • The professional actors guide you and your team through an immersive live-action murder-mystery experience.
  • The lead detective is played by a professional comedian who keeps the experience engaging and entertaining.
  • Your team must follow the clues throughout the story to solve the murder.
  • The experienced actors never break character to ensure you remain enthralled by the story.
  • Enjoy tasty food and beverages throughout the experience.

Choose from a huge range of cooking and cocktail workshops

  • Compile the best local chefs and mixologists for a comprehensive culinary experience.
  • Strengthen your team with new skills that they can take home with them.
  • Receive expert tuition from highly trained teachers.
  • The extensive range of courses means there’s something for all tastes.
  • Sit down to enjoy a delicious meal after the workshop.

Pedal in unison on the on-air party bike

  • Synchronise your team as they pedal through the city onboard a communal bicycle.
  • Book a private party or sample the local liquor on a guided pub crawl.
  • The bike is capable of hosting up to 15 people at a time.
  • Bring your own wine or beer and store them in the onboard drinks cooler.
  • Enjoy the music as it’s played through the built-in sound system.

Unleash your creative side with a casual art class

  • Sip on a glass of wine while painting and laughing with friends.
  • The art school has done an incredible job of creating a like-minded community of social painters.
  • Choose a painting you would like to recreate from a gallery of over 3900+ paintings.
  • The paints, brushes, canvases and easels are provided by the studio.
  • The kind and knowledgeable instructors help you every step of the way.
  • Dance and sing along to the music between each brushstroke.

Test your marksmanship at the shooting range

  • A fully-equipped shooting gallery with clays, pistols, rifles and a shop.
  • The 467-acre park hosts numerous activities such as target shooting, skeet fields, trap fields, pistol bays, and more.
  • Expert tuition is available for all experience levels from beginner to advanced.
  • The range marshals provide excellent safety tips and shooting advice.
  • The on-site corporate event space is excellent for team-building events.
  • An abundance of parking makes for a hassle-free arrival.

Learn the trending sport of axe throwing

  • Learn fundamental axe-throwing techniques with tuition from experienced coaches.
  • The staff provide excellent customer service, making you feel safe, welcome and engaged.
  • The facility is fully equipped with everything you need for a successful day of axe throwing.
  • Enjoy food and beverages from the on-site bar or bring your own.
  • Relax in between games with a game of giant Jenga, giant connect-4 or corn hole.
  • An excellent way to release stress and encourage competitiveness.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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