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Houston, Texas is known for a lot of things, not least its contributions to science and space as the home of NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, but what you may not know is it’s also home to some excellent team building opportunities!

From segway tours along the city’s historic waterways to laser tag tournaments, Houston is guaranteed to provide your team with memories they won’t soon forget.

If you’re planning a company retreat to Houston, read through to discover our picks for the experiences you won’t want to miss. 

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Explore Houston on a segway tour

  • Explore Houston’s rich history and culture as you cruise through the city on a segway tour with your team.
  • An experienced guide will show you all of Houston’s hot spots and hidden treasures while sharing stories, fun facts and great recommendations throughout your experience.
  • Typically these tours last about two hours making it a great way to break up your workday or finish off a productive afternoon. 
  • You’ll be provided with all the equipment you need to have a safe experience while covering way more ground than you typically would on a traditional walking tour.
  • This tends to be a pricier team building experience and may not be the best option for teams working within a tight budget.

Visit an escape room

  • Escape rooms are a great way to work on problem-solving, teamwork and listening skills while bonding with colleagues as you work to solve the puzzle and beat the clock.
  • Each room takes up to an hour to solve, so depending on how long you’d like the activity to last you can book multiple rooms to extend your time or use the additional rooms to accommodate numbers if you’re working with a larger team. 
  • Escape rooms offer an immersive and dynamic team-building experience and most facilities in Houston change out their puzzles regularly making it a great choice for both new and returning teams. 
  • Staff are available onsite and are typically highly attentive in delivering instructions, answering any questions and even walking you and your team through the solution if you run out of time. 
  • On average this is a relatively affordable team building experience and can accommodate both small teams as well as larger groups.

Fill your appetite with a cooking class

  • Ditch the traditional team dinner and opt for something more interactive with a group cooking experience!
  • An onsite chef will take you through each step in preparing your meal from assembling ingredients to adding the finishing touches to your dish.
  • You’ll be provided with everything you need from ingredients and aprons to cooking utensils.
  • Most classes offer a BYOB option and typically include a dessert course for you and your colleagues to enjoy afterwards as you eat and socialize.
  • While this tends to be a more expensive team building experience, especially for larger teams, it's a great way to work collaboratively and take a more hands-on approach to group meals.

Pedal your way through an eco-friendly pub crawl

  • Hop on a party bike and explore the streets of Houston as you pedal your way through a fun-filled pub crawl.
  • This is a great way to mix in a little physical activity after a productive work day while socializing and getting to know your teammates.
  • With flexible scheduling and a BYOB option to sip as you cycle, this experience can be easily curated to suit your needs!
  • Your facilitator will assist in steering the bike while explaining the sites you’ll see as you cycle, offering plenty of local history and fun tidbits of information to your team!
  • You’ll get to check out a variety of local bars, allowing for plenty of breaks as you cycle and enjoy the Houston sunshine.

Try something new with an archery lesson

  • If you’re looking for a fun and challenging team building activity that encourages focus, consider taking an archery lesson during your next company retreat at one of Houston’s historic facilities!
  • Instructors will be ready upon your arrival to walk you through all the safety instructions as well as the techniques you’ll need to go from an archery beginner to certified pro.
  • All of the required equipment will be provided onsite, just make sure to dress comfortably in casual/workout attire.
  • Keep track of scores independently or break off into teams to see which group can grab the most points!
  • This is a fairly low-cost team building activity making it a great option for teams on a tighter budget.

Get creative with a paint night

  • Socialize with team members while creating your very own masterpiece with a group paint night.
  • Choose from a selection of paintings to recreate as an instructor walks you through each step and technique in creating your final piece.
  • This is a great option for teams of all sizes and offers a beginner-friendly way to unwind and get creative after a productive workday.
  • You’ll be provided with all the supplies you’ll need from paint and canvases to aprons and brushes.
  • Most facilities offer the option to bring your own food and drink so you can sip and snack throughout your event.

Get competitive with a laser tag tournament

  • Laser tag offers a fun, adrenaline-filled and fast-paced way to unwind with team members and engage in a little friendly competition.
  • Divide up your group by department or compete individually to see who can score the most points! 
  • Some facilities in Houston even offer a mobile laser tag option where they will bring the equipment and everything you need directly to you.
  • Facilitators will explain the rules and instructions before you begin and are available throughout your activity to answer any questions.
  • This is a great, budget-friendly team building option, especially for larger groups with most operations able to accommodate up to 50 players.

Race to the finish at a go-kart track

  • Go karting offers a fast and fun-filled way to engage in a little friendly competition with co-workers.
  • This is a great option for teams of all sizes as you can divide up into smaller groups as needed and take turns on the track.
  • Instructors will be available onsite to explain the rules and safety requirements, facilitate your races and provide you with all the equipment you’ll need.
  • Most facilities have private meeting rooms that can be booked as well as the option to bring food and drink, providing a great way to hang out and socialize with team members between and after racing. 
  • The prices tend to be pretty reasonable for this activity and many tracks offer package deals that can help you cut costs if you’re working within a budget.

Break the ice in a demolition room 

  • Blow off some steam and unwind with coworkers as you smash your way through a demolition room.
  • You’ll be provided with a range of items to demolish from TVs and dishes to glassware and toys as well as all the tools to do the breaking including sledgehammers, baseball bats and more.
  • You’ll also be provided with personal protective equipment like safety glasses, coveralls, masks and gloves and an instructor who will explain everything you need to know to have a safe and fun experience. 
  • Make sure to grab a team photo when you’re done!
  • The price is relatively affordable and offers a great option for medium to large sized teams looking for an easy, laidback bonding experience.

Test your aim with axe throwing

  • Test your aim, learn a new skill and bond with team members, when you book an axe throwing experience for your next team retreat.
  • Experts will walk you through all of the instructions and techniques to ensure you’re well-equipped to have a safe and fun experience.
  • Keep score of how you perform individually or break off into teams to see which group has the best aim! 
  • Many facilities are licensed and have drinks and food available for purchase or options to bring your own so you can socialize and snack between rounds.
  • Don’t forget to dress appropriately, closed-toe shoes are a must for this activity.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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