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Detroit, otherwise known as the “Motor City” due to its close ties to the auto industry, is the largest city in the state of Michigan. It’s widely regarded as one of the most fun cities in America, a title easily attributed to the energetic nightlife, rich musical heritage and friendly locals.

During your team-building retreat in Detroit, you’ll find many exciting things to see and do. Award-winning restaurants, a booming arts and culture district and numerous bars and clubs occupy the city centre. As you explore the city, classic Motown tunes fill the streets and provide an uplifting backing track to your visit.

If you’re looking for a city that will bring your team closer together, look no further than Detroit. With social venues like floating tiki bars, pedal-powered pubs and paintball arenas, there’s no greater catalyst for thriving relationships. Keep reading to find more ideas for your team-building retreat in Detroit.

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Glide through the city on a guided Segway tour

  • Segways are comfortable and easy to manoeuvre, making them the perfect city-tour transport.
  • The guides are experienced Segway trainers with a deep knowledge of the city's history.
  • Riders must weigh between 100 and 260 pounds.
  • The tour duration is approximately two to three hours.
  • Detroit’s relatively flat terrain and wide sidewalks make it the perfect city to explore by Segway.
  • Your guides give you plenty of time to get comfortable on the Segways before starting the tour.

Take a kayak tour on the Detroit River

  • Join your tour guide on a two-hour kayak expedition on the Detroit River.
  • The Canal Tour takes you out to the Detroit River, around Grayhaven Island, past the Fisher Mansion and by the waterfront residences of the Jefferson Chalmers neighbourhood. 
  • The Historic Canal Tour and Sunset Canal Tours are the most beginner-friendly outings.
  • The tour guides are very knowledgeable about local history and legends.
  • Everything is very well organized and safety is made the number one priority.
  • All kayaking equipment is new and well maintained.

Uncover hidden clues at the escape the rooms

  • An escape room offers a unique team-building experience during which you and your team must solve a series of puzzles and challenges.
  • Escape rooms encourage your team to work together and leverage individual talents.
  • Choose between a variety of themed rooms with unique storylines and challenges.
  • The rooms are created to engage your brain and create a truly immersive experience.
  • The hosts are very professional and accommodating.

Pedal through the city while drinking with your colleagues

  • A pedal pub is like a giant picnic table, perfect for exploring the city and bonding with your team.
  • There is an onboard cooler that can store up to 80 cans, you can bring more coolers if you like.
  • You have control of the music. Plug in your phone and hit play!
  • The maximum number of passengers is limited to 16.
  • The pedal bar has space for 12 barstools, three seats at the rear and a place for a bartender in the middle.
  • Only wine and beer is allowed to be consumed while riding on the pedal bike.

Fight it out at the paintball arena

  • Paintball is an action-packed team activity that requires patience, critical thinking and teamwork skills to take down your opponent.
  • The facility has an impressive choice of indoor and outdoor fields.
  • The instructors are professional and give instructions very clearly. 
  • Equipment is cleaned and maintained, ready for the next player.
  • Packages include semi-auto marker, hopper, mask, air tank with free refills and 200 rounds of paint.

Hangout with your coworkers on a floating tiki bar

  • The floating tiki bars provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Up to six guests can board a single tiki bar.
  • Four tiki boats are available.
  • Once aboard, you and your group can socialise and party while exploring the lake.
  • Each tiki bar is provided with a dedicated captain.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own beer, wine and liquor onboard.

Enjoy a drink while learning to paint

  • Choose to paint one painting from the huge 8000-picture gallery.
  • Some paintings take two hours to complete, others take three.
  • A minimum of 10 painters is required to run a class (maximum 28).
  • You’ll learn to paint complex masterpieces with step-by-step tuition from your teacher.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own beverages.
  • Heighten your experience with your favourite music!

Aim for bullseye at the axe-throwing centre

  • Learn the fundamentals of axe throwing with tuition from experienced instructors.
  • The centre is complete with 12 axe-throwing lanes.
  • You’ll learn to through 1.5 lb. axes at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points.
  • A taco bar and bar are located on-site.
  • The venue is clean and well maintained by friendly staff.
  • Strict safety guidelines are adhered to at all times.

Unwind from the office with a yoga class

  • Learn new yoga techniques with guidance from intuitive and educated instructors.
  • The yoga studio is designed to make you feel at home as quickly as possible.
  • All equipment is provided, from yoga mats to body care.
  • The studio can host corporate groups of up to 1000 employees.
  • Practising yoga is the perfect well to unwind from the stresses of daily life.
  • The studio offers a variety of yoga classes ranging in difficulty.

Hang tough at the climbing gym

  • Push your limits on a variety of climbing walls ranging from 12 to 45-feet high.
  • Explore hundreds of climbing and bouldering routes tailored to all skills levels.
  • Improve your climbing skills with guidance from experienced instructors.
  • All newcomers are provided with an in-depth safety induction.
  • The facility is complete with a fully-equipped weight room.
  • Bouldering and auto-belay climbs require no previous experience.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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