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Zion Park’s red cliffs, stunning canyons, and endless opportunity for adventure will leave you wondering why you haven’t come here sooner.

Enjoy beautiful walks in the canyons, scenic drives around the park, or stargazing after a productive day of team-building.

Be sure to keep a note of the physical limitations of your team when planning your activities though; good shoes, a hat, and sunscreen are a must for your adventures here.

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Zion Park half-day hike

  • Together with your team, you will learn the history, geology, flora and fauna of Zion National Park from the expertise of a local guide.
  • You’ll get advice about the nuances of the hiking trails, and the best times of day to do them.
  • It’s recommended to bring water and snacks, sunscreen, a hat, closed-toe footwear (think light hiking boots) and a camera for your hike.
  • The capacity is limited to 40 people, however, if your team is bigger the group can be divided into smaller ones to participate.
  • As an added bonus, this hike can be made suitable for everyone as the level of difficulty can be adjusted.

Zion canyon bike tour

  • Do you want to experience Zion canyon in a different way?
  • Enjoy some time away from the crowds exploring the canyon from the seat of a bicycle.
  • The local guides will help you get the most out of your excursion with in-depth knowledge of the best spots to stop and interesting facts about Zion.
  • The bikes, helmets, repair kits, bike locks, and interpretive knowledge are all included as part of this experience. Get ready to explore the secrets of Zion, on wheels!

Half-day photography tour

  • On this tour, a local professional photographer will accompany you and your colleagues, instructing you on how to get the best photos while experiencing all that Zion has to offer.
  • Twice a day you can experience The Golden Hour, a time during sunrise or sunset when the warm light illuminates the park’s landscape in a beautiful glow.
  • The light of dusk and dawn draw out some of the most vibrant colors of the desert.
  • During this activity, you’ll visit iconic photographic locations and shoot some of the most dramatic landscapes of Zion National Park. This is a great way to improve your skills while sampling the many photo opportunities of Zion.

Visit Zion National Park Museum

  • Do you feel tired after hiking or cycling? Want to learn more about Zion National Park and its surrounding canyons? Why not grab your team members and visit the Zion National Park Museum?
  • Here you’ll find over 300,000 documents, photographs, oral histories, slides, and maps related to topics ranging from how the park was founded to the Civilian Conservation Corps.
  • Approximately 22,500 objects are housed in the natural history collection and 30,000 cultural history artifacts tell the stories of settlements in the region.
  • You’ll want to book this activity in advance, the museum is open by appointment only!

Stargazing in Utah

  • Many American cities suffer from light pollution. That means, more than 80% of Americans live in a place where they cannot see the stars.
  • Do you want to see the Milky Way? Luckily that isn’t a problem in Zion. Get together with your team for some stargazing!
  • Utah is one of the best places to enjoy the clear night skies and there are plenty of places where you can go to relax and get a great view of the stars.
  • Check the interactive map of the International Dark Sky Places Program for more details.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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