Discover the birthplace of jazz in America’s Deep South.

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New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is a cosmopolitan city steeped in cultural heritage, with diversity appearing throughout the city’s social, political and artistic life. If you’re planning a team-building retreat, this colourful and historical community presents no end of possibilities.

The city’s subtropical climate and low-lying terrain have nurtured a network of marshlands and bayous teeming with wildlife. Visitors regularly take to the waterways on kayaks and boats to try their hand at fishing or simply explore, while inland, a host of team-building activities have spawned throughout the city including axe throwing, bouldering, glassblowing and more.

If you’re organising your next team-building retreat, look no further than New Orleans—the largest and most distinctive city in Lousiana. In the following list, we’ve compiled some of our favourite team-building retreat ideas in New Orleans.

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Taste the local flavours with a guided food tour

  • As well as delicious food, you learn about the interesting history and culture of this fascinating neighbourhood.
  • Hear interesting legends from the best storytellers in the business.
  • With plenty of walking lined up, participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.
  • Participants are guaranteed to have full bellies by the end of the tour.
  • The full tour is expected to last approximately three hours.

Improve teamwork skills at the escape rooms

  • Your group must communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve to escape.
  • The specialist game facilitators provide a team-effectiveness debriefing after your session.
  • During your two-hour visit, you’ll browse the museum and get acquainted with the storyline before entering the room and trying to escape. 
  • Immerse yourself in the beautifully-detailed escape rooms
  • Professional gamemasters play convincing characters who explain the storyline and game rules.

Discover Louisiana with a guided walking tour

  • Discover the popular Louisianan landmarks that set the city apart from any other in the country. 
  • Explore the French Quarter, Garden District, historic cemeteries and more.
  • Learn stories and facts about various parts of this diverse city.
  • Fun and knowledgeable tour guides walk you through the city and pass on famous legends.
  • The full walking tour is expected to last approximately two hours.

Test your culinary skills at the cookery school

  • Professional chefs masterfully guide participants through the creation of multiple dishes.
  • Your team must prove their culinary skills, intellectual prowess and ability to pull together.
  • Numerous classes are available including Hands-on classes, demonstration classes, teambuilding events and entertaining chef demonstrations.
  • Learn practical cooking skills with a sprinkling of New Orleans history.
  • Relax and enjoy your creations after working up a sweat in the kitchen.
  • The perfect way to learn new skills while bonding with your co-workers.

Learn to paint while bonding with your team

  • Connect with your team over art, a glass of wine and your favourite snacks.
  • No creative or artistic skills are needed to enjoy this unique experience.
  • Choose from a wide variety of specialist classes.
  • Participants are provided with all the necessary art materials.
  • Artists are eagerly encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks.
  • The friendly instructors get involved and provide plenty of painting tips.

Learn the fundamentals of glassblowing

  • Facilitate meaningful interactions between your employees in this intimate setting.
  • Experience a one-of-a-kind glassblowing workshop with professional instructors.
  • Take home your glass creation after the experience to show your friends and family.
  • During this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn the fundamental skills of glassblowing.
  • Enjoy the captivating venue that consists of 25,000 square feet of space, twenty-foot ceilings, skylights, exposed brick walls, hardwood and cement flooring, and a mezzanine for musical entertainment.

Explore the beautiful coastal bayous by kayak

  • Choose from a range of kayaking routes catered to all experience levels from beginner to expert.
  • The perfect way to experience the beauty of the Louisianan bayous.
  • Learn about the history of the local waterside landmarks.
  • Step out of your kayak for a halfway stroll on land after a lengthy paddle.
  • The bayou is a beautiful stretch of water perfect for first-time kayakers.
  • Knowledgeable guides provide full safety briefings and technical advice.

Embark on a chartered fishing trip like no other

  • Take to the water after dark aboard a unique fishing charter.
  • Attempt to catch fish using specialist bow-fishing equipment.
  • Illuminate the water with torches and see how many fish you can catch!
  • The full fishing charter experience is expected to last between 4 and 5 hours.
  • All the necessary fishing equipment is provided.
  • Experience the serenity of the bayou marshland at night.

Throw hatchets at the axe-throwing venue

  • Discover the first indoor hatchet-throwing venue in the United States
  • Staff are always available to supervise and answer any questions you have
  • Safety is maintained as the highest priority.
  • The staff give basic instructions and check on you regularly.
  • The venue is clean and the equipment is well maintained.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own beer.

Test your strength at the bouldering gym

  • The large bouldering gym can host up to 50 people at once.
  • Climbing routes are available for all experience and skill levels. 
  • The staff help you find your way and give useful climbing advice.
  • Climbing shoes are included with a day pass and are required for climbing.
  • A great experience for first-time climbers looking to learn the basics.
  • The equipment and facilities are perfectly maintained.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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