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The home of country music with a thriving arts scene that spans every genre, Nashville is known for its deep history, delicious southern cooking and its stronghold as a cultural epicenter of America’s entertainment landscape.

Whether you’re touring the city’s local eateries or exploring the harbourfront by way of standup paddle board, there’s something for everyone on your team to enjoy during your next visit to Nashville.

If you’re planning an upcoming team building retreat in the city, read on for our definitive list of the group experiences you won’t want to miss.

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Explore Nashville’s rivers on a kayak excursion

  • Grab a paddle and head to the waters for a team kayak excursion along the Cumberland or Harpeth Rivers.
  • You’ll have the option of paddling solo or taking a guided experience filled with fun facts about the river and the added direction of an experienced paddler.
  • Each of the river guides are CPR/First Aid Certified and will provide a quick kayaking tutorial for your group before you depart.
  • This is an ideal experience for groups of all sizes; however larger groups may qualify for an additional discount. Be sure to inquire when booking!
  • This is a fairly affordable team-building experience and is a great way to get out and enjoy the Nashville sunshine.

Get a taste of Nashville with a food tour

  • Swap out a traditional team dining experience for a group outing to some of Nashville’s best restaurants on a food tour.
  • You’ll visit four to five local restaurants sampling different cuisines as well as a few beverages along the way!
  • Your tour guide will share insights on Nashville’s culinary scene while highlighting local hotspots, history and recommendations for places to check out during your visit.
  • These tours usually take around three hours to complete and can involve quite a bit of walking - be sure to wear comfortable shoes!
  • While this can run a bit more expensive than other team experiences, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a totally unique way to experience the city.

Race the clock in an escape room

  • Escape rooms are a perfect opportunity to work on teamwork, creative problem solving and communication skills - plus they’re a ton of fun!
  • You and your team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles and complete your mission, all while racing against the clock.
  • Typically you’ll get around 60-minutes to complete the challenge, however if you finish early or want to stay longer there’s always the option of booking additional rooms!
  • Staff will be available to walk you through everything you need to know before you get started. They’ll even walk you through the solution if you run out of time!
  • This is a fairly budget-friendly experience for groups looking to have a great time without breaking the bank.

Reach new heights on a treetop obstacle course

  • Calling all thrill-seeking teams! Get adventurous while working on teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills with a team building day at an aerial obstacle course.
  • You’ll have access to multiple courses and ziplines, providing options for team members at every skill level.
  • Keep in mind, there may be weight limits in place for this activity - be sure that this experience can accommodate all of your coworkers before booking.
  • Staff will be available onsite to help you navigate the course, providing challenges and facilitating team building games that get everyone involved.
  • Typically you’ll have a few hours to explore the courses, plan for at least a half day in your schedule for this experience!

Make waves with stand-up paddleboarding

  • Explore the waters of Nashville’s harbourfront on a stand-up paddleboard session during your next team retreat.
  • Your rental rate will include all the equipment necessary to get you on the water including a board, paddle, leash and PFD to ensure your safety.
  • Most facilities offer small cubbies where you can store a few items while you paddle although it is advised that you leave any valuables at home. 
  • This is a great experience for teams both small and large and groups of 20 or more may even be eligible for a discounted hourly rate. Make sure to ask when booking!
  • Don’t worry if you’ve never padded before - an staff member will take you through a brief tutorial to cover the basics before you head out on your own.

Cruise through Nashville on a 15-passenger bike

  • Relax, unwind and explore the scenic streets of Nashville as you bond with team members on a 15-passenger, pedal-powered bike!
  • While each bike holds a maximum of 15 participants, it is possible to book rentals for as few as six participants - just prepare to pedal!
  • Most operations offer a BYOB option so you can enjoy a few drinks while you ride, but you’ll also have the option of stopping at a few local bars to purchase drinks along the way.
  • Your group will be accompanied by a driver who will double as tour guide, helping with navigation while sharing great insights and history on Nashville’s most iconic spots.
  • Have a bigger group? Don’t worry! Some operators can accommodate up to 150 participants on multiple bikes - make sure to inquire when booking!

Get creative with a paint night 

  • Unleash your inner artist and take home a masterpiece of your very own with a group paint night for your next team get-together.
  • An instructor will walk you through the painting process, guiding you through each step and offering tips and tricks that will have you painting like Picasso in no time.
  • Most facilities offer a bring your own food and drink option so you can indulge while you paint and socialize with team members.
  • You’ll be provided with all of the materials you’ll need from brushes and paints to canvases and aprons.
  • Keep in mind that some places require a minimum of ten for private bookings - make sure to inquire ahead if you’re working with a smaller group.

Engage in some friendly-competition with a paintball tournament

  • The perfect activity for a team with a competitive edge - a paintball tournament is a great way to work on teamwork, communication and strategic-thinking skills.
  • Your group will be split off into two teams with the goal of eliminating your opponents by marking them with non-toxic, air-propelled paintballs.
  • This is a great option for groups of all sizes and is fairly low-cost for teams looking to book on a budget.
  • You’ll be paired with a referee who will walk you through gameplay instructions before you get started ensuring everyone has a safe and fun experience.
  • Many facilities also offer multiple courses! Change it up each match to try your hand at different playing fields.

Challenge your team with a rock climbing experience

  • Indoor rock climbing experiences offer your team a great opportunity to work together as you build trust, communication skills and work on quick problem-solving.
  • Staff will take you through everything you need to know before you start, offering tutorials on technique and explaining all of the necessary safety protocols.
  • A variety of climbing lanes are available with varying degrees of difficulty, providing something for every skill level on your team.
  • Typically your session will run around two hours but plan for at least a half day to account for travel and time to rest after you’re done.
  • You’ll be provided with all of the climbing equipment you’ll need but be sure to come wearing comfortable, athletic attire as you’ll be sure to break a sweat!

Meet your targets with ax throwing

  • If you’re looking for a fun, skill-testing and totally unique team building experience for your next retreat, consider booking an ax throwing experience for you and your colleagues!
  • A trained staff member will walk you through all the safety protocol as well as tips and techniques that will have you throwing like a pro in no time.
  • Most facilities offer food and drink options so you can sip and snack in between turns.
  • You’ll be provided with all of the equipment you’ll need - just be sure to come wearing closed toe shoes!
  • This is a great budget-friendly option for teams looking to unwind and get a little active after a product day.

Would you like to book any of these activities?

These team-building activities are available as part of our retreat package.

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