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Company retreats in Europe

From the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean to the blue waves of the Atlantic, and all of the cities full of stories and stunning architecture in between, there’s no doubt that Europe is the most popular destination for business retreats.

Surf Office offers 55 of the coolest locations to host your next retreat on this historical continent, and with so much to see and do, we guarantee fun for the entire team.

Company retreats in America

From the untouched nature of the American parks to the unique vibes of the West and East coasts, the USA and Canada offer an incredible destination for hosting offsite retreats.

With 55 retreat locations currently in North America, Surf Office can help you plan your company retreat and team building for your next offsite get-together.

Retreats by the beach

Who wouldn’t prefer meetings on the beach to those in the office? Surf Office offers a wide range of company retreat locations right by the coast.

Take your laptop with you and meet your team members at the beach to spark innovation. Or just meet at the beach to do some team building activities like learning how to surf.

Try stand-up-paddling, beach volleyball, beach yoga, or sailing. We’ve picked famous European and US surf spots, such as Santa Cruz, Ericeira, Gran Canaria, or Biarritz to offer you and your team the best of the best!

Retreats in the city

Opt for a more urban destination by hosting your next team retreat in a European city. With each city’s unique story you and your team won’t be short of things to see and explore.

There’s warm Lisbon with its 253 sunny days a year, Prague with its  artistic soul, trendy Berlin, Barcelona with its famous Gaudi architecture, or Madrid with its own unique traditions. When you work hard you should play hard too.

The cities offer many fun team building activities, visit galleries, museums, pubs, and most importantly enjoy the time together with your colleagues.

Retreats in the countryside

What is the purpose of your team retreat? Are you planning to focus on work or more on team bonding?

We’ve hosted many groups in the countryside, like in our retreat villa close to Valencia. After the retreat, participants were surprised by the amount of work they very able to do during just those few days.

The remote location in the middle of the orange trees means no distractions and complete focus. Although team building activities are often limited, the team members get to know each other better as they spend all their time together. For nature lovers, we recommend the Catskill Mountains, Zion national park, and Gran Canaria, or one of our remote villas close to Barcelona or Valencia.

Budget retreat locations

Even if your budget is limited, you can still take your team on a fantastic retreat. There are many locations in Europe that are budget-friendly while still offering an amazing offsite experience.

Have you considered hosting your next retreat near Valencia, Ericeira, Prague, or Gran Canaria? You should! We offer a wide range of retreat venues. Make sure to also consider different accommodation options, like a 4-star hotel (or apartment option) with rooms of 2 beds.

Sharing rooms is the simplest way to cut down costs. Looking for a more precise retreat estimation? Contact us for a more precise calculation.

Winter getaway retreat destinations

When you want to escape the cold winter in the Northern hemisphere, Gran Canaria is the top destination.

It has stable weather conditions during the year, and in January, the coldest month, the temperature ranges from 19 to 23 °C (66 to 73 °F).

Malaga and Lisbon are European cities with the highest number of sunny days a year. You can expect the temperature to range from 13 to 20 °C (55 to 68 °F) in their coldest months.

Madeira Island has an annual average temperature of around 20 °C (68 °F), with the coldest month February, averaging 16.6 °C (or 61.9 °F). Contact us and we’ll recommend where to go for the perfect sunny escape during the cold winter months.

Pick the retreat according to team activity

Although most company retreats are a combination of work and fun, team building activities are the things your colleagues will remember the most.

Therefore, your approach to retreat planning can also be to pick the retreat location according to the preferred team building activity of your team. Let’s say your team members really love sailing.

Sailing is possible to book in Lisbon, Santa Cruz, or Ericeira, so you might consider these locations for your next retreat. Check out some of the other activities that are possible by visiting the links down below.

Undecided about the retreat location?

We understand that choosing a retreat location isn’t an easy task. You have many options to consider and what can sometimes feel like too many requirements from your team members.

That is why we launched the Location Finder tool. This tool searches the best destination for your team retreat, according to flight connections. Simply put the origin locations of your team members and let the tool advise you on the most suitable location (in terms of travel time and cost).

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